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SEIKO SKX013K2 Men’s Automatic Diver Watch



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SEIKO SKX013K2 Men’s Automatic Diver Watch
List Price: $375.00

The 36mm black dial creates a fantastic appearance on this sleek SEIKO SKX013K2, stylish watch. The silver band helps to bring the look together for something that is sure to catch the eye.

The analog display features a high quality automatic movement which is backed by the full manufacturer warranty. This watch is made of stainless steel.

SEIKO SKX013K2 Product Features

  • Seiko Automatic Diver Collection
  • Case Diameter – 36 MM

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SEIKO Watch Collections: Automatic, Dive, Men's

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4 Customer Reviews to “SEIKO SKX013K2” Post a Review
  1. Tomasina M. Covell "Tomasina ChicaWolverina" (Kalamazoo, MI United States) says:

    This little medium Seiko tool-watch shares a place which only some few dozen heritage watches can share. And yet it’s still made today, following from very closely through 4 variants in the last thirty years or so. It’s now using the same caliber 7S26B movement as the full-large size SKX007, SKX009, SKX173 etc. It’s for me like a lower cost and weight alternative to a DOXA diver.

    I just with they’d upgrade it’s movement to for full stem winding and hacking second hand, without changing it, or making it a overly chunky, mannerist, statement thing, or something like the too many baroque Seiko 5’s with that idiotic “SPORTS” logo. I would take a nice red second hand though!

    It’s got as much going for it as the SKX007 only without the extra size. I’m thinking of stealing over the second hand from one to put on it though.

    I regulated mine only once after five months, for which now I can go two weeks and only be 30 seconds fast at worst. I will check it after I have the Witschi machine, but it’s very good now.

  2. kmb says:

    I love this watch ..Its much nicer in person….its the perfect size for me …36mm thats pretty small for a mans divers watch….but its a perfect size for me…no one can go wrong when buying a seiko watch they are well made and last for years.

    the automatic movement is working great so far , i like automatic watches but the quartz movement { in my opinion } is much more accurate. You will get what you paid for with this watch, good quality, good looking.

  3. M. Kelley (Hot Spring, AR. USA) says:

    I have a 6.5″ wrist. I didn’t need a gigantic watch. Most of the diver watches seemed to be too big.
    The movement in this watch is great. Really accurate loosing about 1 second every 4 days.

    The movement is virtually silent. None of that annoying ticking during silent times.
    The luminescence is really bright and stays lit quite a while after charging.
    The second hand pointer is set closer to the center of the watch so it can be seen easier even at night.
    The knob to set the watch is a little hard to tighten down after setting. The days are in Spanish as well as English.

    The bracelet works well with a secure clasp and plenty of flex for a solid link unit.
    The watch is a little thick and stands up off your wrist. Not so far as to be obtrusive.
    Great detail and straight forward design.

    I would recommend this watch, especially if you have a small wrist. I think it has the smallest bezel diameter of all the Seiko dive watches.

  4. Matt S. says:

    I bought this watch as a “I’m going to be poor for quite some time” present. I figured it would be nice to spoil myself a little before work, school, moving etc and I must say that I made the right purchase.

    Being one to research a product I spent a week searching hours to get the good and bad on this watch. The bad was all about buyers complaining it feels too light, face is too small and the case is too tall, or it doesn’t keep good time. Many call it a boy’s watch because of the small case/face.

    Having wrists no thicker than a broomhandle at about 6″ I chose this watch for the smaller case. The case is small at 38mm and it would be nicer if Seiko put a slightly larger face on it but if I wanted that I would’ve bought the cheaper MAN’S WATCh 007.

    Being a diver’s watch the case is very robust measuring about 13mm thick which is fine with me because Seiko packed the 7S26 movement from the MANS WATCH 007 in there.The lightness is due to the jubilee watch band which I think gives it a more classic stylish look when compared to the clamshell style bands.
    The bezel spins nicely yet stays sturdy with about 100ish reassuring clicks in one revolution. The crown is a spin down and works very well as it should and the band clasp does its job aswell without any issues.
    The appearance of the watch is second in appeal only to its timekeeping. This is a beautiful watch. The case is brushed in a circular pattern on top and polished on the sides and back giving it a wonderful shine. The bezel is nicely polished on the sides and the faceplate is a nice dark blue with illuminated symbols marking the time. The lume is great and very readable at night glowing for many hours.
    The 7S26 movement works well and although auto-mechanical watches usually gain time mine seems to lose it. It probably has much to do with my desk job and overally laziness because the movement is charged by…well…movement. That said it loses about 15 seconds each week which is completely manageable.

    People are always complimenting this watch as it truely is a very nice looking watch. It never leaves my wrist aside from showering (the soap will ruin your seals). I cannot say too much about the water resisting abilities of this watch as I’m not a diver and have only swam with it in the ocean once but it held up just fine.
    Overall I would recommend this watch to anyone with a fairly small wrist (<6.75″). I gave it 4 stars strictly because I’m a hard sell and although I cannot pinpoint anything bad about this watch I still don’t think 5 stars is a legitimate score. I’m serious about the wrist size…unless you like smaller watches please know that it is a little on the small side.

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