SEIKO Travel Alarm Clock QHR016SLH

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SEIKO Travel Alarm Clock QHR016SLH Advanced Technology Silver-Tone Metallic Case

SEIKO Travel Alarm Clock QHR016SLH

SEIKO Travel Alarm Clock QHR016SLH zoom

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SEIKO Travel Alarm Clock QHR016SLH Advanced Technology Silver-Tone Metallic Case
List Price: $60.00

Showcasing a slim, sleek design, the SEIKO Travel Alarm Clock QHR016SLH is perfect for heavy sleepers on the move. Constructed with a silver-tone metallic case, the clock is designed with a unique global R-wave system that will receive signals for Atomic Clocks worldwide for precise timekeeping.

If the clock isn’t in range of an atomic signal, it still works as an accurate quartz clock. The face features a digital display with push-button dial light.

It features a day-and-date calendar, a thermometer, and an ascending beep alarm with snooze button that stops after one minute of uninterrupted beeping.

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  1. Paul Bassett says:

    November 16, 2009
    The Seiko QHR016SLH World Traveling Alarm Clock is a handy clock to have if you need to know the time, date, and temperature anywhere you travel. The alarm is loud enough to wake you, first with four single beeps, then four double beeps, then four triple beeps, etc.

    (I’ve not gone beyond four double beeps to be awakened.) As with all atomic clocks when powering them up for the first time, set your time zone, then set the clock in a good position to receive WWVB and leave it alone for a couple of hours to a couple of days until the clock shows the correct time and date.

    Works as advertised!

    A soft amber backlight emanates from the lower right corner of the display and has sufficient light to expose the entire display at night for easy reading (but see Cons below).

    The reception of WWVB appears to be better than other atomic clocks. The clock attempts to check for a WWVB signal six times a day: 2am, 6am, 10am, 2pm, 6pm and 10pm. Every time I check the clock, the signal indicator shows it is receiving the signal.

    As with all LCD displays I’ve encountered, the grey background doesn’t offer much contrast to the black numbers. This is an LCD issue I’ve had to deal with for over 30 years. (I would have preferred a white background instead of grey.)

    But the grey background on this Seiko display is slightly darker than the others making reading the display even harder. Enough light and position of the LCD display to the light has to reflect enough to clearly see the characters.

    The setting buttons on the back are not raised high enough above the back panel, making pushing the buttons very difficult. Be VERY careful when pushing these buttons – you might be just pushing the back panel instead of the button!

    The buttons do have a tactile response when pushed, but when you think you’re on the button and don’t get that tactile response, you have a tendency to push harder and harder. Frustrating! Seiko should have the buttons raised further above the back panel.

  2. P. Stulemeijer says:

    This is pretty much the perfect travel alarmclock. Compact, reliable, loud enough alarm, easy operation, picked up the signal from the radioclock pretty quickly.

    Only downside so far is the display, which seems to have a narrower viewing angle than most other LCD clocks I own and as it’s a travel alarm, it might not be possible to place it in such a way that you can read the display from your bed.

    For me personally this isn’t much of a problem, as my eyesight sucks and I need to pick it up to be able to read the display anyway when I’m in bed where I usually don’t wear my glasses…

  3. Susan Baker says:

    This is a great little alarm clock. It has nice large numbers that are easy to read. I especially like that it will automatically set it self, keeping the time correct. It tells you the day and date which keeps even us forgetful folks on the right date.

    At first I didn’t really think I needed the tempature feature, but it is really a very nice feature–you know if you will need that extra blanket. The alarm starts out low and then increases in volumn, it doesn’t blast you out of bed, or give you a heart attack, but it will ensure you hear it.

    The only negative that I see, is that when used as a travel alarm it does not have a cover over the screen. I fixed this by just making a little padded pouch to put it in, before putting into the suitcase. I give it 4 stars, and would recommend it.

  4. Pam says:

    I purchased this clock for my husband to replace a very small travel clock he kept on his nightstand. He says this one is easier to use especially when he wants to see what time it is in the middle of the night.

    We both like the temperature feature which seems to be pretty accurate. We have several antique wind-up clocks in our house so he uses this one to accurately set the time on those as well as the digital (non-atomic) ones if we have a power outage.

  5. Carl Stevens "vdoman" (Orlando, Fl USA) says:

    I have used this travel alarm clock for over a year now on the road. I got it just like another reviewer did, from credit card points cashed in for merchandise. It has been very reliable, accurate and easy to use. In fact, I’m afraid that I’m going to forget it in some hotel room, so I’m on here looking to purchase a back-up one.

    I’m the type of guy who, when I find something that I like, I’ll buy a couple more and keep them in my closet. My wife thinks I’m nuts. I have three of my favorite watches. Three pairs of my favorite shoes… etc. There are two things that keep this clock from getting a perfect rating from me. Sometimes, when the clock syncs up in the middle of the night to the radio control signal, it beeps once and that wakes me up.

    Also, the plastic folding protective cover has a square hole cut out so you can read the time when closed. Well, that leaves the face open for scratches. Hence, the protective cover seems useless to me. I keep mine wrapped up in the original bubble-wrap. That’s a pretty stupid design flaw, at least in my opinion.

    I wish it came with a soft, leather, slip-on case. Anyway, I’m looking to purchase a second one, so that ought to give you an idea of what I think of the clock.

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